Orbit AG 1568

  • 1 Orbit AGO 1586
  • 1 Set Rechargeable Batteries
  • 1 Remote Controller Futaba T8FG
  • 1 Transport Case
  • Battery Chargers and accessories 20A 300W
  • Maintenance Repair Tools


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Orbit Agricultural Open Spray Drone 15 kg 8 Propeller 6 Nozzles

Flight Control + GPS

Flight Control

Agricultural plant conservation flight controller, intelligent 32 bit processor autopilot control system

•Mature and reliable industrial design

•Intelligent mode

•Dose monitor

•Breakpoint continue to spray

•Failsafe and return

•Low battery protection


U-blox m8n GPS Hovering Accuracy Horizontal ± 1.5m Vertical: ± 0.8m

Radio Telemetry + Ground Control Station

Radio Telemetry Ground Control Station
Radio Telemetry can help you to control the drones by Ground Control Station software installed on your computer. Communication distance: 3KM No obstructions Transmission power: 250mW Power consumption: 5V @ 1OOmA Ground Station Autonomous flight with waypoints Orbit ground station software: just mark A B C D, and define the flying height, spraying width, flying speed and delay time, the Ground Station Software will draw all the lines automatically, and you can save this as one project, so that you can use it again when you need to spray this field once more.


Durable and reliable motors specially designed for agriculture drones, ensure work continuously for a long time.

Dust proof: IP34

Centrifugal Fan


Rapid throttle response higher driving 



Restart (Time) function guarantees users excellent speed-governing performance in Heli Governor mode and allows users to cut-off output and restart motor to avoid possible crash caused by Improper operation. Multiple Protections Multiple protection features include abnormal input voltage, ESC thermal, throttle signal loss (or Fail Safe), and low voltage cut-off effectively prolongs the service life of the ESC. Other Features A separate program port for connecting programmer on this ESC allows user to • program ESC; • upgrade ESC firmware (multi functional LCD program box Is required); • monitor/record flight data in real time (with a data transmission module); •power the extra cooling fan (included in product box).
Rapid throttle response, higher driving efficiency,lower working temperature and longer flight time. New Design & Excellent Performance New structure  design  combined with  high­ performance micro-processor guarantees users Four Flight Modes &  Auto Restart Function This ESC featuring “Fixed-wing/Helicopter (Linear Throttle)/Helicopter (Elf Governor)/Helicopter (Store Governor)” four flight modes and “Auto

Battery & Charger

Batteries Charger
Lithium-polymer battery (Ll-PO); High quality and durable, life up to 300 cycles.6S Lipo Battery Pack 12000 mAh 15C 68 1P Lipo Battery Pack
Ordinary charger & adapter in the market, need more than 1hour to finish the charging. Our synchronous balance charger with built-in AC power supply,it is quite useful,and easy to carry, can finish charging 1 pack of 16000mAh batteries in40-50 minutes.
16000 mAh 15C 68 1P Lipo Battery Pack
Our special optional charger & adapter for agriculture drone, can finish charging 4 packs of 16000mAh batteries in 40-50 minutes
22000 mAh 25C 68 1P Lipo Battery Pack


Fixed camera + Image transmission + OSD + 7″ Screen = FPV With FPV,the flight data will be displayed on the 7″ screen, such as flight height, flight speed, battery voltage, satellite number,longitude,latitude, etc. 5.8GHZ 1.5km transmission distance

Spraying System and Nozzle

Orbit UAV drone spraying system is comprised of nozzles, hose, pesticide tank, and water pump. Users can select automatic, semi-automatic or manual operation modes, depending on terrain, with uniform spraying carried out via the drone’s nozzles.
The drone has four/six replaceable, ceramic nozzles. The included nozzles can be used for thousands of hours of spraying. Downward airflow generated by the rotors increases spraying velocity and ensures the pesticide will reach plant stems and leaves near the soil.

Motor Mount Folding Joint

Middle Folding Joint Quick Release Propeller

Motor Seat

Special designed motor base made by Orbit UAV, excellent appearance and durable.

Folding Joints

Middle folding joints

Folding Joints

Aviation aluminum folding joint designed and improved by Orbit UAV specially 30mm diameter for Orbit AGO 1006, Orbit AGO 1506 spraying drone. 25mm diameter for Orbit AGO 606 spraying drone. Umbrella folding frame, save space and easy to transport, a small  truck can carry the drone.

Carbon Fiber

Carbon fiber propellers, strong and light

Quick Release

Quick Release Self-Tightening Prop Adapters No more breaking propellers during transportation and less frustration with a fast and easy setup

Remote Controller

Radio Link AT-9 and T8FG


Product Specifications


 Material  Carbon fiber
 Spread size   2.65*1.55*0.35m
 Folded size 0.95*0.7*0.55m
 Arms  6
 Props  8
 Rated load  15kg
 Machine weight  15kg
 Max. take-off weight  40kg
 Flight time  10–15min
 Flight radius  1000m
 Flight height  0–10m
 Flight speed  0–12m/s
Spray speed   0–6m/s
Spray flow 0.2–2L/min
Spray width 5m
Nozzles 6
Temperature range  ˊ-10°~70°
Motor Brushless
Controller 9 channels
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